The client wanted diners to discover new textures, colours and scenarios at every stage of every visit to their space. In order to meet these expectations, the project committed to the development of four areas of interest that would each offer an experience responding to different states of mind. These included a bar, sushi bars, a more conventional restaurant area and the Japanese spot. Part of the façade was resolved in glass so that people outside can establish contact with the interior and evaluate its comfort and dynamism. The entrance of Sushicafé, like all other spaces in the restaurant, creates a sophisticated yet inviting ambience. The predominant white colour spreading over the floor, walls and ceilings endows the whole with delicacy and harmony. The Sushi Bar, located in the restaurant area, has a personality specially adapted to the environment.

The workbench intended for live cooking is comprised of the clear pattern of a subtle white beam. The quality of light plays on transparency and shadows, with no room for monotony and uniformity among the gradual and smooth shifting of tones. Contrasting with the sophisticated white dominating the space, a soft gold tone adds both a touch of refinement and a sense of warmth to the design. The same is reflected in the Japanese spot, where the walls take the form of perforated panels rhythmically exposing the light. This agglomeration of distinctive characteristics flows in every possible direction – there are no barriers or disruption, just ambience and style. The architectural language of this space marks a turning point in Japanese culture.


«The concept was to surprise customers with new textures, colours and smells in every corner of the space. As a restaurant with a focus on fish, the sea and the marine world were inevitably key elements to the project. We wanted to create sculptures with a life of their own, where people could wander among coral, sand and waves (formed by horizontal white strips).»

Ana Contente

Project Leader

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