The headquarters of Tagusgás in Cartaxo is notable for its innovative design, materials and cutting-edge construction techniques. An example of the successful integration of environment, design and technology, this was the first office building in Portugal to be developed in accordance with the BREEAM New Construction standards. Architects and engineers jointly designed environmental efficiency measures with a view to sensitively inserting the building within its surrounding space, reducing energy costs and its ecological footprint.

Perforated white panels and large glazed surfaces enhance the interior/exterior relationship. Inside, the compartmentalisation of the areas gives the space modernity; outside, in the façade system, natural lighting and thermal and acoustic insulation are evident; from the exterior to the interior and vice versa, natural ventilation promotes high levels of air quality. As a whole, all aspects reflect the same mission and paradigm: using natural resources to reduce costs and ensure project sustainability and respect for the environment in the medium and long term.


«Reducing energy consumption provided a guaranteed return on the initial investment, in contrast to comparable buildings. The Tagusgás headquarters was the first office building in Portugal to be certified in accordance with the BREEAM New Construction technical specifications. S+A has received exceptional feedback from the building’s current occupants. The building fulfils our social obligations as architects and our commitment to working for people, the ultimate beneficiaries of living spaces.»

Liliana Soares

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