Quinta da Pimenteira at Real Estate Awards Sic Notícias / Expresso

Quinta da Pimenteira, was distinguished in the Real Estate Awards Sic Notícias / Expresso, with the category Sustainable Construction / Architecture.

This project included the rehabilitation of an old manor house from the 18th century located in the Monsanto Forest Park. A versatile space, surrounded by several gardens and green spaces in the same space of the Lisbon greenhouses, next to the Águas Livres Aqueduct.

The constructive characteristics of the building, namely the materials used in construction, the systems and their operation, were guided by environmental issues, both in terms of the energy intensity of the materials and in terms of energy consumption resulting from the operation of the systems.

Architect Miguel Saraiva, CEO and Founder of S+A, was present at the cerimony, held on 14th October,  in Matosinhos, in a debate with the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, in which the theme of the future of cities in the post-pandemic and the issues concerning the housing in large cities were discussed.

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