S+A is embracing the future in a more technological, innovative and sustainable way. Starting with our brand. The future is today.


We are celebrating 25 years. Yes, years. And months. Days. And many hours. We are celebrating the contribution that all our employees, clients, partners and friends have given us over the years. We are celebrating their efforts to get us where we are. The hard days of work. And the easiest days of less work too. The talent. All good and bad decisions. The failures. The improvements. And success. Saraiva+Associados, or S+A as we are also known, has become one of the most recognized architecture studios in the world. But we still have a lot to do. Starting today. In fact, this was and still is what drives us forward. The fact that we care about our growth. Our future. With the world of tomorrow. It’s like we’re always getting started. That’s why we are embracing a new identity today. For us, the future starts today.

We intend to bring more consistency and personality to our communication, reaffirming the company’s position as a global architecture studio. The collaboration process in the creation of this new image included the development of a new typographic family – the S+A 25, based on the handwriting of Miguel Saraiva, architect, CEO and founder of Saraiva+Associados, and from which the new branding was born. This new identity appears, as of today, on all our communication platforms – on our website, social networks and in all media worldwide, unifying and strengthening the existence of our studio, our identity and our brand.

We are entering a new phase of our existence, where, in addition to expanding to new latitudes, the continuous affirmation of new architects in the company’s destinations, and the consolidation as a dynamic agent in the sector, we will work on a path more linked to the architecture of authorship, where sustainability, technology and innovation assume a central place in the studio’s new strategy, with a strong and fearless mission and position.

We will continue to provide integral services to our clients in all fields of architecture. We intend to expand our work consistently and broadly to new countries, consolidating our presence in the markets where we have already reached maturity and where we lead. We intend to be, more and more, the representatives of the architecture executed by Portuguese architects and made in Portugal, empowering, fostering, and strengthening our talented architects and the future of Portuguese architecture. In an altruistic and decisive way, we want to ignite technical evolution, innovation, sustainability, and to positively influence architecture with positive outcomes to society.

We are a global architecture firm. We operate in several markets. We are the largest Portuguese architectural firm, occupying a prominent position in the international market. Our work is present in four continents and we are located in seven countries.

The new image of S+A marks the beginning of the next 25 years, in which we will remain committed to our mission and positioning, with our partners, our talented architects, and all our employees, whose efforts and results will leverage the greatest legacy we can leave – our authorship.

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