UNLOCKER is the S+Academy Podcast powered by Saraiva+Associados. Two special guests share their views on the transformation and sustainability of cities, the economic, social and cultural trends intersecting with Architecture, Design and Urban Planning. All episodes are available in audio and video that you can access directly on through this page, or on Spotify and Youtube.

Series 2 – Ep#5

In this UNLOCKER we reflect on the balance of architecture and construction in interaction with the natural environment and human use, bringing together the different disciplines necessary for the sustainable development of cities and territories, with Professor Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, from Instituto Superior Técnico, and architect Paulo Reis Silva, senior partner at S+A.



Series 2 – Ep#4

In this UNLOCKER Pedro Santa Clara, Professor of Finance at NOVA SBE and Founder of 42 Lisboa, and Gil Azevedo, Executive Director of Unicorn Factory Lisboa, address the challenges facing companies with the digital transition, and the factors that make them more innovative, competitive and sustainable.



Series 2 – Ep#3

In this UNLOCKER, we debate land planning, from structured management with a vision of the future, to the conditions that determine the development of Smart Cities, with the Professor of Urban Planning Law, Fernanda Paula Oliveira, and Miguel Correia de Brito, Architect and specialist in innovation and sustainability.



Series 2 – Ep#2

In this UNLOCKER, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes and Raquel Vaz-Pinto debate the political and geostrategic contexts that dictate global development and prosperity, establishing bridges for the future of globalization, based on values that guide civilizational advances. Remarkable perspectives, in an unmissable conversation.



Series 2 – Ep#1

In this UNLOCKER, João Vieira de Almeida, Lawyer and Senior Partner at VdA, and Miguel Saraiva, Architect, Founder and CEO of S+A share the experience, as well as the passion, throughout the growing path in their organizations, with a humanistic vision in which the greatest asset lies in people.



Series 1 – Ep#6

In this episode, Luís Barros, architect and administrator at S+A and José Pereira, Director of IT, Security and Digital Transformation at NOESIS guide us through cybersecurity and practices for data protection in organizations, an enlightening alert on the protection of a valuable asset of organizations: digital heritage.



Series 1 – Ep#5

In this episode, Joana Sousa Monteiro, Director of the Lisbon Museum and Tiago Sigorelho, founder of Gerador guide us through society’s new interactions with culture, more inclusive and egalitarian cultural formats and models that attract new audiences.



Series 1 – Ep#4

In this episode, Henrique Cayatte, designer and managing partner at S+A Concept Design, debate with Bárbara Coutinho, director of MUDE and professor of architecture at IST, the identity of Portuguese design, its relationship with architecture and the most relevant national references.



Series 1 – Ep#3

In this episode, two brave and inspiring leaders, in different sectors — IT and Architecture — share their own experiences of internationalization and the path taken to make their companies competitive in the global market. With Rui Pereira, co-founder and vice-president of Outsystems and Miguel Saraiva, founder and CEO of S+A.



Series 1 – Ep#2

In this episode, we talk about the present and future of the real estate market, and debate on the challenging problematic of housing, with Francisco Horta e Costa, Managing Director of CBRE and Joaquim Montezuma de Carvalho, Professor at ISEG.



Series 1 – Ep#1

In this episode, we address Lisbon’s urban sustainability, housing, mobility and strategies to retain and attract residents who bring life to one of the most desirable capitals in Europe, with Carlos Moedas, Mayor of Lisbon and journalist Maria Flor Pedroso.


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