Unwanted Book


This book is a compilation of designs that never reached the final stage of construction, for
various reasons. They have remained unpublished, silent, and form an invisible part of our
atelier’s heritage. Although full designs, they never saw the light of day, never materialised
into built structures, and thus remain inaccessible for us to visit them or experience them.
The unwanted, undesired, or rejected designs represent moments of reflection, meditation
and conversation that gave rise to drawings that were executed with unwavering dedication by
our team, spanning days, months, and, in some cases, years. These designs existed under the
creative light of our studio and were illuminated by our vision and talent. They gave us
endurance and resilience and fostered a culture of quality. Now, as we look back and revisit
them, we gain a fresh perspective, realising that they often served as a springboard for new
ideas and innovative programmatic and conceptual visions.
If there is merit in these processes, it primarily lies in the intellectual elaboration, affirming
that experimentation and testing are intrinsic to our creative endeavours.

This book is also a testament to the collective efforts and unwavering dedication of numerous
professionals who worked together to bring their creative visions to life.
The investment in these proposals and ideas greatly outweighs the compensation received.
Those who championed these designs often lacked a full understanding of the commitment
and dedication they demanded from our studio. For us, this investment represents a lifetime
of work.
This book brings the Unwanted designs into the light of publicity, not on the streets or in the
locations where we initially envisioned them but onto the bookshelves in our atelier, or
homes. It serves as a reminder to those who peruse its pages that there are always alternative
avenues for breathing life into what we believe to be great ideas.


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