Welcome to S+A and let’s start working together! | S+A Internship Program

Our history and future are only possible with the contribution of everyone.
Together we are S+A, and together we celebrate our 25th anniversary.
We are proud of our achievements and how we overcame obstacles and continued to grow developing a distinct know-how that allows us to create unique projects.
At S+A, we train architects and invest in People, who are the key to our success and our future. That is why we have expanded our Internship Program into a new structured 12-month program.
Because the route to success is an endless line, continuously being drawn towards the future, we are committed to training young talent.
S+A welcomes with open arms our new interns Eduardo Caria, Daniel Caria, Gabriel Teixeira, Laura López Álvarez, Tiago Silva, Milla Martins and Diana Ferreira.
Over the next 12 months, they will work with senior architects Bárbara Bernardo, Carolina Sequeira, Ricardo Miguel, Patrícia Antelo, Luís Pedro Crisóstomo, João Mendes and Beatriz Braga.
Our ambition is to help them challenge the limits of their imagination and creativity with the technical rigor that defines us in order to continue doing what we do best – Architecture.

Welcome to S+A and let’s start working together!

Because knowledge can be stimulated in different ways, we are grateful for the interest and support of Livraria A+A and CCB Garagem Sul for participating in this initiative by offering our new interns special reading conditions and access to exhibitions.

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