The project envisages a ’dance and ballet village‘ built on wooden slats protected from the rain and sun. The great auditorium assumes the symbolic role as the heart of the complex, conceived in the image of a giant pearl among wooden boxes. At night, the accumulated heat envelops the protected square - which is identical to that of the town hall square in Siena, Italy, in the form of an amphitheatre. The interior follows the classic form of a 'shoe box', offering a festive social space. The roof is designed to accommodate the variations in the weather, depending on the use, season of the year, gradation of light, the presence of snow, rain or any other element summoned up to enhance its chameleon-like presence. It is a new and grandiose location, which in itself can take the position of centre-stage, not unlike a privileged and enthusiastic diva garnering public applause. Honouring its identity, the sloping form of the structure lends a strong overall unity to the set. The site benefits from a unique setting, providing endless visibility over the urban landscape. For Astana, the Academy of Choreography will be the new dance stage, one that is able to dance too.


  • Location Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • Sector Education
  • Year 2014
  • Area 47.010 sqm
  • Client BAZIS
  • Stage Concept Design

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